Monday, June 28, 2010

War Sun

author’s note:

I believe it was John F. Kennedy who said, “Human conflict is created by humans and so, can be ended by humans.”

I would add: “Human conflict will end when we resolve the conflict within.”


I can usually ignore
the static storm
tightening up my joints

until I lie down in the dark

then I again feel the heaviness
of the enraged wave
rising up in my chest--
again see nervous flashes
of lightening
behind my eyelids:

in this way
I become reacquainted with my war--

humbled once more
by my failure
to expel the rain
that has bled deep
into my lungs...

but in such moments, sometimes
I can finally admit my loss
and so, stop fighting myself
and win a brief but powerful truce...

the wave then topples down

into a black pool
that rests at my knees,
my knees lowered
to the earth
a deep pool that reflects
my torn face,
the rubble of my eyes

but when I place
these empty, hesitant hands
into that still water
I can feel the sun of love
spreading through my whole world--

despite my fear,
a peace undeniable,

© 2010, Michael R. Patton
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