Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God of Lightning

author’s note:

Dreams exaggerate, but do not.  I believe those grand dramatic productions show us how we truly feel during our waking hours.  With that in mind, the poem below should be taken as a dream: an exaggeration, yet absolutely true.


In my dream
the lightning god
created the world--
              my world
has been a lightning world

of brilliant blazing flashes
that vanish in my grasp--
my life has been a lightning life
with a cow bellowing
in the storm belly
of my earth

with stones
of light that cut
my ground--but
I say plow it open--

the blood of my testament garden
will happily feed flowers and grain.

In prayerful expression
of this desire
the arms of my life reach
upwards toward
the bruised blue clouds

though I know the fulfillment
will leave me stunned and shuddering--
rung up, bleached and breathless--

yet still wanting more.

I have many other gods--
wind gods, lake gods,
plant gods, and more--

but my first god
--the one suspended
   outside my door--
will always be
the god of lightning.

© 2010, Michael R. Patton
dream steps

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