Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buddha Belly

author’s note:

One time, when I was but a boy...

...I won a tiny Buddha on a necklace at the county fair.  I didn’t even pay a dime--I just turned a crank, the toy shovel swung out, then fell down and picked up the Buddha.  Raised in the Bible belt, I wasn’t even sure what I’d won.

However, I never became a Buddhist and have only a limited knowledge of Buddhism.  No matter--I continue to try to reach the Buddha within.


As I bathed
in the belly of the Buddha
I could feel
the golden bowl


I could feel
the hills
outside the temple
hear the goats
from stone
               to stone--
their hooves percussing.

I could feel the prayer wheel
was a turning
in my heart
and the prayer flags
on the line
are the way I often am
after I’ve been washed:
     wrung out but free
     yet securely fastened

while buffeted by a wind
beyond my control--

I trust--I have to trust--
that the flagpole
is indomitable.

© 2008, Michael R. Patton
earnest audio
new steps

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Blogger Denny Lyon said...

Love your whimsical style! Placing your blog as a link on my poetry blog, thanks! Denny Lyon

9:31 AM  

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