Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stopping with the Flow

author’s note:

On this day before the Winter Solstice, in the darkest time of year, I revisit this poem...

...written before “twitter” became another good word stolen by popular culture.


The rabbit wrote an alien message
with its tripod paws
through the snow fields
as a dark wind
carved its ferocity
into the side of a drift.  That wind laughed
at my attempts
to find shelter inside my thoughts.

In such cold fire,
the owl almost
seemed friendly--the owl channeled a spirit
all night long

but gave no answers or glad tidings.

Yet despite these conditions
my senses expanded--
I could feel the sweet discomfort
of the bees in their slumber--
the desire to gather pollen never rests.
How the crickets twittered anxiously
in their underground cocoons--
agitated by a song restrained.

Salmon jumping upstream
show how we must sometimes go
against the flow.
But as I stood in the midnight field
Winter let me know
that earnest though I be, I was no match
for its currents and waves.

So I acquiesced
and knelt down on a bare rock
to prepare
for the opening of Spring.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton
earnest audio
taking new steps

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Anonymous Lyn said...

Found your blog by accident(which doesn't exist). I like your poetry.

2001, 1st on my list too. I have a post called, "Perfect Murder"-


7:49 PM  

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