Monday, May 21, 2012


author’s note:

A few years ago, during a power outage that lasted through five long, dark winter evenings, I read the book Healing Night... which author Rubin R. Naiman tells us how we've lost our night, our sleep, our dreams.


Lowing of a cloudy moon
over a wet grass silver field

as the tap...tap
of a dripping tree
hangs pearl flames
on a web above me:

the spider's spindle legs
play the strings
with the patience
of aged wisdom

while I wait...I wait
--mouth hollow
   as a dark church

until finally
a globe
of distilled water
shakes loose, drops down
onto my tongue.

I savor the sacrament.
An infinite moment.
Then swallow down,
eyes closed--
feeling the blessing

in this way, I regain
what I have sacrificed
in the day's dry light.

© 2012, Michael R. Patton
new steps

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Blogger Goldenrod said...

I love the positive imagery of this poem and the peacefulness it projects. I'm sorry that you were experiencing power shortages, tho. Not a good time of year to have those!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Here's the irony: I'd hoped the power outage might give me the chance to take back my night and find some serenity in the darkness. But, for the most part, I found the experience stressful, tiring. And yet, I'm more aware now how out of balance all this artificial lighting has made our lives.

7:16 PM  

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