Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Message from Another Sphere

author’s note:

Whatever “they” are, they’re probably not what we imagine they are.

As to their purpose, perhaps we need only watch them move.


Music--that’s the reason

we’ve been encountering
all those aluminum-skin

Space Aliens.

Their message
has to do with music:
waves of vibration: music:
the purling water of life:

an extended sequence of sounds
that can tune us, that can attune us
so that our orbits may follow
the harmony of the invisible

and thus, dance that slow ballet
that all the other planets
already seem to understand.

But those Space Aliens aren’t here
to make us listen--
no, they mean to lead by example:

see how they play in unison:
attuned to one another:
executing perfection effortlessly
--no need for radar:

as with ants, all are one, but unlike ants
each one remains individual.

They’re here to show us
that, yes, it can be done.
With practice.
With eons of patience.
Yes, they say,
in proper time, you too
can hear the music
and follow along.

I believe them.

Because I saw all of us children
in the dream--

in the dream, we were together, asleep
under the skin
of the Great Mother.  The heavenly dirt
that is Earth.

All us children filled
with the vibrations
of the same thundering
heartbeat: the steady beat
that in silence, I sometimes sense
through all of life.

So as I see it:
since the music is in us
we should be able to follow

but buried asleep
we never hear
the harmony

as a result
we play
like an orchestra
just tuning up

--though at certain times
we do feel it.  We can feel it
when some far off echo nudges us
in our slumbers

and while still halfway under
we extend our antennae
(groping delicately)
until we touch
what we do not know
and yet remember.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton
earnest audio
new steps

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