Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jungian Slip

author’s note:

“The Eternal Feminine draws us upward.”
                  -–   Goethe, Faust, II


Though he tries he can’t
keep her down:
that dark svelte wholesome
blonde bombshell
glass princess
femme fatale
pink sweetheart
earth mother

shadows him everywhere.

Even when he’s in
his department suit--
even after work
with his buddies
drinking up.

Purblind though they be
someone will still see her
and say, “Hey, who’s that
behind you?”

The fear of being caught
flushes hot
right to the core--
“No one.  Nothing,”
he stammers,
jittering a little laugh.

But there’s no quit
to friendly belligerence
especially when
the friend has him
on the run:
“No, I’m sure I saw a frail.
  A matron.  A tramp.  A damsel.
  A Sunday school girl.”

Then they all gang up on him:
“What’re you trying to hide from us,
  eh boy?”

“You’re drunk,” he shouts, feeling hemmed in.
“You’re not seeing straight.
  I’ve told you, there’s no one back there.
  No Venus, no Isis, no Kali,
  no Mary, no Persephone, no Gaia!”

Catching himself, he tries to cool
as they continue
to josh and joust and slosh
until finally one and all
slide off the boat
into the cold oblivion waters
of night/morning.

And though the incident is not mentioned
the next day...

he gnaws his nails,
wondering if
his slip is still showing.

He tells himself
he must endeavor
to keep her hidden better

--especially when
his girlfriend comes over
to petal his rose.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton

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