Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Her Learning

author’s note:

“Walking on water wasn’t built in a day.”
                     --  Jack Kerouac


She hardly seems to mind
sleeping in a briar bed--she rises
in the morning nonchalantly
picking stickers
from her hair.

But acceptance is not resignation.

She knows that one day she’ll discover
she’s opened that door.  And outside
instead of sawdust
she’ll find a new grass field
stretching all the way
to a golden well.

But while crawling toward that goal
she’s taught herself
the small things of patience--
such as cleaning your nails and flossing.
She’s learned the obedience
of practicing an art
though she remains
independent as a hare.

But more: she’s learned
the value of singing in a cave
--has learned that she
has hooves and paws
as well as hands
--has learned the power
of secret osmosis.

But more:
she’s learned how
to suspend

a pencil
the tip
her nose.

But more:
from all this activity,
she’s learned
how she never stops learning.

So now she sits
in a moss chair,
her feet on a rock
that rises from the clouds
reflected on
the lake water.

She’s learned even more
from sitting there
as the clouds slowly
begin to clear.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton

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