Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wild at Magnetic North

author’s note:

I’ve found friendship to be a house of mirrors.


Your rising wave is a mountain
you keep building.

At birth, you found
your first giggle in the splash fount
buoying you up to the sun

so you didn’t know
that the silent urge
of the undertow
bided its time

--when you crested
you actually felt safe
at such a height

--peaceful in a suspended moment--

until you looked up to find
the compass spinning--
wild at magnetic north

then as you began the inevitable slide
you realized you were riding
something that wouldn’t listen
to plea bargaining.

And that was only the beginning--
it’s been up and down ever since.

Who would ever guess
you have such a wave
inside you?

You still look like a baby
and all your jumbled mumbles
mostly muffle the hiss and crashing,
the thrashing
of the jagged wave tail.

I once knew a cat that
had been teased to distraction
as a kitten.

I could only pet that cat
for a minute or two
before it would snap.

Temperamental, yes,
but tough.

You, on the other hand,
barely cover that hole
with your arm

so someone can distract you
then reach right in
and take something out
without much effort or even thought.

But such lack of defense
can lead to strength.

I feel privileged to know you.

As for that poor thief...

he will never realize
he’s missed your wave rising.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton
earnest audio
new steps

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Blogger Goldenrod said...

Convoluted, Michael? I don't get a central message or overall feeling with this one! (But perhaps that IS the central message?!?)

1:25 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Well, it's about a person, a human being--and you can't get more convoluted than that, I suppose.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Goldenrod said...

Well said, Michael. I couldn't agree more! Cheers!!

2:04 PM  

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