Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horse Feathers

author’s note:

“A horse!  A horse!  My kingdom for a horse!”

            --  Shakespeare, Richard III


I’d just dreamt
a horse
had carried me
to the horizon

when this one
came on
sudden as a hailstorm
--a horse

guided by instinct
toward the mountain
buried in cloud--
that same mountain
I hunt to find

--and as I wondered
if deliverance had finally arrived,
its army of hooves--
indiscriminate, innocent
--clomped over my fallen body.

(Lightning happens in a flash
  but recovery requires
  a slow tedious rain.)

A dust cloud still hangs
in the air
as I grope about my scalp
to ascertain the damage,
I’m yet too numb from shock
to feel--

but also knowing
the pain will soon
begin to throb

I’ve been rung,
rung up
once again

yet still not
fully awakened

from the stupor
induced by all
that previous ringing.

Maybe I am the horse
in the dream. Maybe those hooves
will continue to run me over
until I see
I am the horse.

In that case, perhaps
I should bless that other horse
for its blind attempt to wake me--?

Yes, I will thank you all, I will--
just not yet.
Right now, I’m opening
my mouth like a fish
on dry land. For the moment
I can’t bring myself to speak,
nor take
anymore in.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton
earnest audio
new steps

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Blogger Goldenrod said...

All right! I'll admit it. I haven't read your poem yet. After I stop laughing over the title, I'll go back and read it, OK? Then, maybe (or maybe not) I'll have a REAL comment to add. :)

6:35 PM  

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