Sunday, October 18, 2009

Haircomb Harmonica

author’s note:

“Trouble?  You think I look like trouble?  I’m a poet!”
             --  from the movie Young Guns


Don’t you ever wonder
what happened to me
after you removed
your head
from my window?

Well, I’ll tell you anyway--
because we learn from each other:

I muddied my feet some
then washed them
--told myself: well done.
Composed a few soulful tunes
on my haircomb
harmonica.  Again, done well.

Then, still restless, I
kicked some rocks--
          my toe.
(Learned not to kick

All of which may not sound
significant, but even in such
small yawns, there is waking,
and with waking, stretching
and as I stretched I lifted myself
one more step.

But such progress
doesn’t mean
you were wrong
about me.

My movement still
mostly seems happenstance,
which means I’m still
mostly unconscious.

some awareness is required
to perceive improvement
and now I can see
I’ve become
a little stronger,
a little lighter,

more substantial.

I could give you
partial credit.
I could.
For this stretch.

But if on one hand,
I don’t lay blame,
then why, on the other,
should I give you credit
for something
you only blindly facilitated?

But instead of us arguing...

let’s just call it even.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton
earnest audio
new steps

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