Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wrap Music

author’s note:

Though the poem below is not based on an actual situation... is based on an actual condition.


Though she asks only for
the simple sling
I summon a full force
of 10,000 dramatic soldiers
in order to deliver.

Such an opportunity!

Fighting against my embarrassed ego
I have dedicated myself to her service.

I argue, “Why not?”
After all, she has indulged me
by patiently tolerating
my ornamental descriptions
of her delicacy, her strength,
her heart-felt grace.

Who else has allowed me
to express so much?

So again, I argue, “Why not?”--
consider this: though I offered
to move mountains for her...

she’s placed only one request:
the ribbon of pink silk.

But since heroic deeds daunt me
less than something that binds,
the deeds are less, and the ribbon
is more, so how can I resist
such an opportunity--?

Nothing else
can give my service more meaning.
Without service,
where is our meaning?

So...though I still doubt
that I’ve yet bled enough...

I go to the reeds by the river
to find the pink garter snake
that’s waited so long in the mud--
     waiting to wrap its life
     around the two of us.

© 2009, Michael R. Patton

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