Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Empty Optimist

The destruction that brings
an eagle from heaven is better
than mercy.
                   --  Robinson Jeffers


Being painfully drained
left me wide open

--yeah, grateful now--

because I've come to see
how the empty vessel
can receive the Spring water.

Those breaks asked me to do
the good work needed
to patch this cup...

loss created
such a powerful desire
to fill back up.

© 2011, Michael R. Patton
dream steps

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shadow Catcher

author’s note:

Our survival depends on understanding the human shadow.


Allow me to catch
your long shadow
in my arms, in my lap--

not smack in my face
not heavy on my back
but in the gentle way
so I can better appreciate
your imprisonment.

I don’t mind
holding your shadow
because I know
you'll have to
embrace mine too
if you take
just one more step

© 2011, Michael R. Patton
shameless self-promotion

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sacrificial Offering

author's note:

Since the last poem ran long, today I thought I'd give both reader and writer a break.

This poem isn't written to anyone I know.  Yet.


I'm willing to sacrifice
what I might gain by staying alone
so that I may know myself
in your great depths.

© 2011, Michael R. Patton
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Naked Song

author's note:

Yes, inspiration often seems like dumb luck...

...but I work very hard in my rewrites to make it seem even luckier.


I first revealed
my uvula
in the dumb innocence
of childhood--

foolishly hoping
to land a sunray on my tongue
--as I would a snowflake--
I opened my mouth

and song fell out...

I can be just as dumb now
when driven by blind impulse
to stumble blankly
into the glare of the sun porch--
forgetting any shred
of shame to clothe me--

too stammered, too obtuse
in the head to speechify
in a senatorial toga--

yet I can sing then--I can

when I get hit with a flash
that knocks my hat
--my blinder refinement--
into the clothes heap.

In the naked grace
of such moments
I've nothing left
to block the song.

© 2011, Michael R. Patton
100 Best Poetry Blogs

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