Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lift

author's note:

Watched a documentary on the Blues last night...

To me, the Blues say: might as well celebrate the weight of this life.


Sometimes when I witness
someone struggling to stand...

I reflect again on what every
human being is asked to carry

and as I consider
the lot of us
I stop and when I stop
I can feel that weight again--
the pressure
I usually manage to ignore
when I'm rolling--

even though
the weight on the spirit
puts such a weight
into our limbs.

Many have written
that this burden, this fear
comes from knowing
of our death

but after listening
to my own protestations,
I write that what this life asks
creates such a pressure:

this life keeps asking me to crack--
open and open and open

the request seems so unjust--!--
especially since I've fought so hard
to hold myself together--to buttress myself--
to defend myself against this world--

tried so hard to ignore that damn weight--
worried it might stop me dead...

and yet...
when I do stop...when I feel
the pressure again
and then try to negotiate
the weight of that weight--
try to understand
what would seem to be
an unreasonable demand...

I gain a sense of something
an intangible tangible:
a quiet force of assurance
rising within me

and so,
instead of being crushed down...
I experience
a slight lift, a shift--
an exhalation of such magic
I can't possibly take credit

and so--that quick--I arrive
at the end of my little break:
I stand up again, I move again...
I forget again

but feeling a little lighter
maybe I defend a little less.

© 2012, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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