Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Incredible Phone

author's note:

"There's ringing in my ears!"
     -- Peter Frampton, from Show Me the Way


Despite the obtuseness
of my ears, I've come to realize
this very hush secret:

there exists a device within
with a greater span than even
the most agile mobile phone--

don't ask me how it works,
right now, it's beyond our science--
I only know we're sending
and receiving:

unfortunately, our day noise
mostly buries what transmits

and even the purity
of late night
doesn't wake my ears
enough for me to hear
more than jumbled whispers
(even when I'm dreaming)...

days or decades later
when I encounter you
for the first time in front of me
I'll know for certain we've spoken

though I won't be able to say
exactly when or what was said
and though your voice will sound
so totally new and fresh,
I'll sense we've talked
for hours or eons
about this meeting

and I'll see by your startled expression
that you also understand:
somehow it's all been prearranged...

and so, again I'll be reminded
that the brain only holds the mind

but though the mind is held
its beams can still travel long distances:
a mystery, fantastic--
a reality much grander
than the technology
of those wonderful little phones...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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