Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Same Creek

author's note:

Yes, I know this Universe is in a constant state of flux--I can feel it...

And yet, when I can get down to the heart of things, I find some stability.


Whoever says you can't step
in the same creek twice
obviously doesn't know creeks...

I have returned to the same creek
again and again

and it always says:

step in

step in,
and I will wash your feet clean

no matter where you've been--

maybe you muddied your feet
because you thought you wanted
all of that slop

or maybe you leapt in
because you realized
you had no real choice.

Either way,
my waters do not judge
your blind innocence

and because I understand
you needed to go where you went
your true being can not resist me

and so you keep returning
to this valley:

sometimes knowing
you need me
but other times,
ignoring the need

until you fool yourself
into tripping then sliding
down through
the fallen leaves

to arrive at the bottom
where I await your arrival...
my easy current saying softly:

we're alone now, so don't worry--

though you have changed
I remain the same creek:

old and stable--constant
in my changing--complex
in my simple rippling

so as to slowly dazzle you
as I soothe your feet:

in that way, I clear away
the mental muddle
while with my calm acceptance
I reassure your heart.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton

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