Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weak & Strong

author's note:

A poem appropriate for a cold, windy beginning to a bright new Spring.


Either this world had speeded up
or I had slowed to a crawl

because I could not keep pace
with the rotations
of the planet...

so I decided to stop
for just a little while--
assuring myself
I'd still be moving
since the Earth would be
taking me along as it revolved

but I soon discovered
that standing in one place
required a shocking amount
of willpower

especially as silent questions began
to surround me--
after all, all anyone ever saw was
someone just standing around.

So I decided I should leave
however, I now felt too weak
as I sensed something churning
in the pit of my stomach--

which I guess is what happens
when you stop:
you feel those feelings
you've fought so hard to ignore.

I tried to settle myself down
by delving my roots as deep as I could
but when you're standing in the open, alone
bitter winds are bound to blow
and then no depth ever feels deep enough
as the storm progresses
from bad to worse...

Yet as a result of this fix
I came to realize:
a decision as horrible as this
couldn't have been made by chance--
rough though it was,
I'd found what I needed.

You may argue with my reasoning
but from that flash of understanding
I gathered the strength to hold on fast

until the gale had shorn the tree of leaves
until the dusty wind had settled

until the dusk had darkened
to the easier evening
I had earned...

Then, as the moon rose
my intestines relaxed
and I lifted my eyes
to the apex...

quite secure now on my feet
as I continued going round
and round
and round

with the revolution of my planet...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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