Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Wisdom of the Rock

author's note:

This poem seemed a good way to follow the last post.


I talked to a rock at length

asking if it could teach me
about this planet--

hopefully, something deep;

after all, it'd been around so long
and spent a good part of that time
so far down...

but no--the rock just lay there
on my palm

until finally, in frustration
I shut my mouth

to glare at the rock's ragged edges--
the layers of banal orange and white:
a plain unpolished block--

stupidly stubborn, stubbornly stupid

but then...

in a moment that lasted forever...

my focus steadied
as my demands stopped
and that insignificant chip
began to transform
into something monolithic

so intense--an essence--
an extreme contained
within its own self

its silence coming from wisdom--

in its wisdom
the rock had waited for me
to really see it
and in seeing, to feel--

to feel again a lost silence within myself:

echoing from a force so deep down
as to seem too subtle to be real...

but as I honed in on this force
I found the reality of its strength...

now, whenever I recall the rock
I rediscover that reality:

as vibrant, as powerful
---as beloved---
as any great mystery...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton

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