Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Distant Oasis

author's note:

I'm beginning to understand what old codgers feel when they say, "It seems like it happened only yesterday."

I must admit, I am not yet comfortable with that feeling.


Years ago, a therapist wanting
to help me with my writing
suggested this idea for a story:

"a little man with a big wife
  who manages an oasis..."

Though I valued his opinion
and wanted to please him
such a life didn't really interest me.

Thus, I moved on:
struggling to manage
this life of mine--
imbibing from one oasis
after another--

always finding something for myself
but always desiring something more.

Though I did envy those
who could learn so much
by spinning in one place...

my way, I found, was to learn
by spinning from place to place
to place.

The therapist at the oasis
looks so small to me now--

perhaps due to his lack of height
he needed a wife
with a taller perspective

but how can I measure
from such a distance--?--

whatever his size, he was big enough
to lead me down to the clear water...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton

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