Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Suddenly, Soul

author's note:

This poem would be seem be a brother (or sister!) to the one posted on June 26.

But I guess all these poems are related...


Ever so often, all of a sudden--

a rising sense jolts me

and I find myself surrounded
by too much life--

to my horror and delight
I can see

how even socks and door knobs
radiate so much vibrant being:

the shock returns me to
the awareness of what I carry--
or should I say: what carries me--?--

I could describe
a deep inner resonance
or a boundless ocean
but no words truly suffice
so I'll simply call it

but that doesn't mean I'm at peace with it:

its expanding galaxy pulses too hard against
this tiny human container of life;

that's not to say I'm at war with it:

the wonder of its immense dark energy
creates a pleasure--ah!--sublime--

nearly too much
for this container, so dully human:

the raging and elation both a burden--

almost too much for all of us:

now, I understand why
someone could be so desperate for escape
he would jump from a bridge
instead of continuing on to the other side

ignoring what the power of Soul forewarns:
    death does not grant us freedom from life...

and since sleeping only makes me more miserably dull
I might as well embrace
the ineffable pleasure--the wild splendor of it all

as I grit and limp
and pulse
from all the raging spirals--

yes, I might as well walk on...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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