Sunday, August 18, 2013

Actual Size

actual size ant - August 18, 2013s

author’s note:

“And I, tiny being,
 drunk with the great starry void,
 likeness, image of
 felt myself a pure part
 of the abyss,
 I wheeled with the stars.”
      -- Pablo Neruda (trans. Mark Eisner)


I've been told
a black hole is not really a hole--

what happens is:
a star collapses
until it becomes so dense
everything in a wide range
is drawn to it.

When I try to grasp such concepts
I again experience the enormity,
the power of this Universe--

at such times, my personal sphere
seems so tiny--shrinks and shrinks
until I collapse into myself
and feel reduced
to the smallest possible me--

small, yes, but maybe now
of great density:

perhaps I'm a powerful stone
capable of pulling this whole world
to its dark mysterious core.

But that grandiose idea
comes from an ego
that tries to inflate me
whenever I deflate so.

As I swell back up, I realize
much more loss is required
for me to grow
so densely small
and thus finally find
the power of my stone.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
dream steps

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