Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Gift

author’s note:

Whoever believes dreams don't have meaning...

...just hasn't been paying attention.


Again I saw you in a dream--

again I saw a mirror...

Though the many cuts
down your trunk
appeared superficial,
perhaps all wounds
connect to the heart--
otherwise, why would you
have bled so much--?--

your rust of blood washed clear
by tears
easing quietly from eyes
turned inward--

the mix a mess
but a cleansing,

a weave of streams
coursing down strong legs
to rooted feet
then soaking into
the mossy soil
beneath the tree
that held you.

I could feel the taproot feeding
on your rich substance
and so, understood
how you have given
to the tree...just as the tree
has given to you.

A shaft of sunlight
soon lifted my eyes
and I saw you
in the shades of the leaves--
saw how you have added
so many lively varieties
--verities!--of green.

Though I wanted to wonder longer
I guess I’d seen enough
because a moment later
I awoke from the dream.

while lying there immobile--
   dazed in the dark, straining to think--
I began to sense
my exhaustion of sadness expand
into a feeling of greater meaning.

So I thank you
for allowing me to witness--
for allowing me to come to you
in our dream:

another healing dream
to expose, to help close
those many wounds
that are so much more
than they may seem.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
dream steps

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