Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After the Carnival

author's note:

I wanted to write a book on how to work with dreams...

Instead, I composed a book of dream poems.

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't accomplish the first...

But since, ideally, poetry can take us to a place beyond words, perhaps I shouldn't feel so bad.


Do these hot bright dreams
truly reflect my cool days--?--

or do they come to rebalance
a self made lopsided
by my mundane routine...?

When I stop to consider that question
--if I stop long enough--
eventually I'll exhaust my thought
and in the interim, I'll begin to see
what I really feel, and realize again:
even on a gray winter’s day
I experience a summertime carnival--

--what a carnival I am--!

the best of the night begins
after the rides have all shut down--
when the lights soften
and a breeze blows
the sawdust clear of chaotic footprints...

what then quietly rises within
amazes me so much more
than a monkey riding
a carousel horse...

thank god, I’m a mystery to myself.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
book of dream poems

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