Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drastic Eagle

author’s note:

If it happens in a dream, it must be true.


When the eagle plummeted from the sky

straight down into the water--

I felt so confused:
how could anything so powerful
crash--?--how could something so grand
simply vanish--?--

but because my astonishment
left me thoughtless
I began to feel the message
as the eagle told me:

in order to get through to you
I had to take drastic action
in this dream:

how else would you know
I am wounded--?--

how else would you know
you must save me--?--

how else would you know
you must push yourself
down and down
into the cold water--?--

how else would you know
to go against
your basic instinct--?

after considering all I've recovered
I can finally say:
    I am so glad I disobeyed
    my reasonable fears.
    I am so glad I obeyed
    my unreasonable desire.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton

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