Sunday, September 01, 2013

In Sleep Before Birth

penny dream - September 1, 2013s

author's note:

With great reluctance, I cut these lines from the poem below:

I must have known of you
before I was born
because I felt
the shock of recognition
when we first met.

I believe the idea is valid; the lines just didn't fit.


When I close my eyes
in slumber--
when I open my eyes
to dreams
I’m as smart as I was
the day before I was born:

before I was born
I must have known
gold dust would fall
if I'd work patiently
with all else that fell
upon my shoulders

because in dreams I've seen
how I'm working constantly.

I must have also known
I'd feel trapped in this net
until I could surrender
to its frightening security

because my dreams have shown how
I'm struggling so hard to trust.

So I know now
what I knew before being born...

but in the blare of daylight
I can so easily forget
and again I'll feel bound
and again I'll feel burdened...

only later, when I'm cradled in sleep
will I see the need, the gift, the truth--

when closed for the night
I’m as open as a baby preparing for birth.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
dreaming steps

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