Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feeling the Stone

author's note:

Perhaps I should title this poem, "A Little Stone Listens to its Big Stone".


I'm told a big stone
under our world.

Supposedly this spinning foundation
keeps the Earth from falling
down through space--

from descending
into a black void--
forever lost--forever alone
in the darkest depths.

I suppose we need to feel
supported by such a colossus
as our temples collapse
and the prescriptions we write
turn out to be placebos...

but this story doesn't help me much
when I begin to think
because then it's hard to believe
in the steady stone

and so, I often walk in fear

until doubt finally overwhelms me
and I fall down in the dark...

but such a collapse returns me
to the silence in which I can sense
that round grindstone turning
somewhere down there--

a subtle sensation
yet strong enough to give me strength
as I intuit its solid security

though at the same time
I'm quite intimidated
by the relentless power
of its revolution...

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
COMMON COURAGE: poems of our story

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