Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Timeless Coffee Cup

author’s note:

Years ago, I adopted the Maxwell House Coffee slogan as a motto for my own life: "Good to the Last Drop".


Maybe I feel the loss
of meditative ceremonies
because sometimes
this white cup of black coffee
begins to speak to me...

saying silently: "it’s just you
  and me
  at this table
  in this empty room
  in this moment--

"at the very center of the Universe:

"and what we're experiencing now
  is our substitute for
  all the ritual we've lost..."

In such stillness
I'm both expanded
and reduced
as the mundane world
peels away--

as linear time loses its line
I experience how
I extend upward
and for balance,
downward as well--
   toward the core of our world.

Again, I realize
I am constantly anchored
yet never static.

Such a strong peace...
and so, I have no desire
to cling to the moment:
I don't try to hold the spell...


I lift the cup to my lips

and in an instant
again become someone working at a table
who takes his sips, one by one

but now aware of how
I'm participating in the ritual
of the timeless coffee cup.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
Glorious Tedious poetry

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