Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Silent Voice

author's note:

As stated in the poem, "I've learned not to resist"...

What I didn't say is: I learned the hard way.


Sometimes, I can detect a voice

so deep within...almost alien

yet somewhat comforting
because it lies beyond
my screeches and wails:

a voice without language
a voice without sound--

what often tells me yes
when I hope for no
and no when I'm wishing for
a definite yes.

But I've learned not to resist.

What I haven't learned yet
is the purpose behind
its instructions...

I can only tell you
what I trust to be true:

I trust it knows of "home"--

that it knows what needs to unfold
through work and time--that it knows
where I need to go to get to
where I need to be--

that it knows what's required
to answer a desire--a basic desire

but not one driven by survival fear.

Such a concept feels overwhelming

...almost unbelievable...frightening.

And yet...I can't stop listening.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
OPEN ALL NIGHT: poems of our dream life

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