Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shadow Kingdom

author's note:

Some say we live in a world of shadows...

I say: let's explore.


Voices from unseen partiers
echo out of the dark distance--

the words unclear--distorted:

an alien sound

perhaps a little frightening.

I absorb the
as do the oak trees--

I feel the sounds
deep within
just as the trees listen
down in their roots.

What resides inside mystifies me
like a shadow kingdom

and so, I keep summoning
long after the voices have gone:

how beautifully strange we are.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton

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Blogger Goldenrod said...

Well, shuckeydurn, Michael! I read the title of this poem and your preface - particularly liked the part where you said if it comes from a dream, it must be true - , looked at the picture and thought, "Now THIS is a poem that I will treasure forever and ever."

Didn't work out that way, dagnabit! You 'lost me' when you wrote, "I feel as if I'd been dragged. I'm an old washrag."

Do you consider yourself unworthy of such delight, happiness or beauty? Geez, I hope not!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Actually, after I wrote that particular stanza, I felt like I was being a little braggadocious, so I tried to tone it down a bit. But it's all very positive stuff.

7:45 PM  

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