Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Lost Continent

author's note: I was once told that the lost continent of Atlantis could be found in Missouri.  Seriously.

I've been to Missouri.  It ain't there.


As I awoke Sunday
I again felt the fading
of a subtle strength--
the warmth and wisdom
of a greater life

back into my depths...

As before, dissatisfaction
flooded the void left in the wake--
a deeper hunger

stole all taste from my regular food.

But this time I'm not deflated--
mad desire has finally overwhelmed me
and filled my empty sail:

my ears begin to buzz
with that hollow surf roar
that comes when
trivial thought falls away
as I focus on a worthier goal--

a mission.

But my navigational tools
were designed for a life
I must abandon as
I set out on this voyage:

now, I'm forced to trust
what the wise ones told us:
that Moon and stars hold us
with unbreakable strings--

so no matter how much
my confused reasoning whines
and fights, I must obey
those higher lights as they
guide me to my rightful place.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
MYTHSTEPS: the collection

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