Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Silence & Drama

author’s note:

“Exploring the silence gives poetic thought birth.”
                          --  Pao Hsien
                               (trans. Paul Hansen)

“This world of dew
  is only the world of dew–
  and yet...and yet...”
                          --  Issa
                               (trans. J.P. Seaton)


The chaos slowly takes order
as I descend into silence

but silence is never absolute
--I always desire to go deeper into
the stillness of that bottomless pool...

and yet, too soon
the wild urge to erupt
rises within me

--I'm impelled to drama--

to sound the stage--to assume
the pomp of the grand duke
with his duchess

but also to ride as the steadfast knight

to grub along as the earth-bound serf

to hunker and humble myself
as the monk with a begging bowl

to flourish
as the vineyard beauty of ringlet hair

and not stop there
but to be so many more--
from hermit to explorer.

Dazzled by the cornucopia around me
I'm compelled to load myself up
with as much experience
as I can possibly bear

but then
when I become over laden
--like a bee heavy with pollen
I ache to unburden myself
to cleanse myself

in the deep solitary pool of silence

and so I reign myself down
and again begin to delve
deep, then deeper--moving
toward a perfection
that gives the drama
greater meaning--

striving for that supreme silence
though I know it will always be
beyond my reach...

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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