Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spinning Top

author's note:

I remember playing with a spinning top as a child...You had to wind the string just right...then pull the end of the string just so... order to get a good smooth spin.

As with many things of childhood, it prepared me for this adult life.


As soon as I wake up
I can feel my spinning top
begin to wobble--

sometimes, I wonder if I should just...

let it fall, let it roll, let it go

but then what would my story be?--

as a boy I was told
the story of The Fall:
such a sad ending
for our beginning--

I decided I would right the wrong!

I'd stand so strong

but because we spin
even when standing still
my goal became
the great frustration.

Yet with each slip
(and there have been so very many)
I've grown ever more determined
to stay on my toes.

Even so, as one grows
one often grows tired...

sometimes I wish I could just

forget that damn top!

But if I blinded my awareness
I might also lose sight
of those rare splendid moments
of pure human grace.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton

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