Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Brief Peace after the New Year's Party

author’s note:

Not based on any particular experience...

...based on so many similar experiences.


At the end of another party--alone

and blank
under a bare light bulb.

As I drum my fingers on
this hard kitchen table
I wonder if I might've died
at some time unknown to me
while I talked in my sleep...

then an icicle crashes outside

and with that relief and release
I realize our revolution never ceases.

In the silence that follows
I can hear the deep hill cave
calling to me...I must rise.

But though I know I can find
soft soothing darkness
beneath my eyelids
I wish to stay at this table
for just few more tickings:

because I'm now aware
of how I am as full
and as empty
as this glass of air--
I no longer hunger
for the Spring sun.

In this unexpected expansion
of light--this sudden freedom--
I lift with a new breath
    of peace

    then on the exhale
I lose that open moment in the breeze.

But though I know I've arrived
at the end of another ending
I lag a short while longer
so that I may enjoy
what lingers of the feeling--
the afterglow, then its diffusion...

abruptly shut down
as the clock strikes the hour.

© 2014, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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