Sunday, January 25, 2015

Any Wise Snail Will Tell You

author's note:

Oh snail
climb Mount Fuji,
but slowly, slowly!
        -- Issa
           (trans. R. H. Blyth)


I'm anxious to get past
all these blocks in my path
because I'm told a peace resides
somewhere on the other side:

a peace I desire so much
but doubt I can ever reach...

To ease this anxiety,
whenever I saw an obstacle
I usually tried to blast through
like the resolute ram.

But after butting my head
so many times
I finally accepted
this unmovable truth:

I must go slow
when trying to work through
that which stands in my way.

As any wise snail will tell you:
honest progress occurs at a crawl.

But even at this pace
I must sometimes pause
for a breath

and then
I may again begin to perceive
the mysterious music hidden within
all the cacophonous stuff of this path...

by such close listening,
I may achieve
a perfect moment of peace...

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
glorious tedious transformation: the book

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