Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Lovers' Stone Quarry

author's note:

Our old abandoned places have such mystery.


After the steam shovels
finally abandoned this quarry

the gray rains of Winter
filled the granite pit
with cloudy-white water.

Now, a solitary couple
sneaks down the hill

to swim--to splash--to yell
in the last sizzling sunrays
of a late Summer's day.

But in time the two
arrive at their quiet
and shyly open
to a deep embrace

then as cool wet skin
meets cool wet skin
they both discover warmth
in the anxious heart of the other

which brings me to wonder
what we might become
if this massive complex we've created
someday collapses
under its own heady weight--

what might those who remain find
as they pick their way
among the ruins?--

might they uncover
a new way of life?

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
dream steps: the blog

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