Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Meditations of a Nose

author’s note:

I wrote this poem after watching actor Adrien Brody get knocked around in the film noir Hollywoodland.

Dedicated to the skunk that traipsed around the premises last night.


I know your elegant nose
has so far survived
those violent film roles...

but repeated pummeling
will eventually render
your sensitive instrument

so I suggest, instead
you let that fine blade guide you
out from the dust
of conflict and confusion

to the discover again
mind-clearing Fragrance...

for instance:
the crisp scent of frost

or the layered wet smell
of long-decayed leaves...

the gray odor of mushroom rings
carried on the stirring breeze of Spring.

But also such abrasions as
the pungency of chlorine

or the heavy stink of asphalt cooking
during Summer highway construction.

Such olfactory delights
can lead our hearts back
to the path of beauty...

Through the quiet
meditations of the nose
we may bring up
our innate wisdom...

© 2015, Michael R. Patton

listening to silence: the book

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