Thursday, February 05, 2015

Our Geology, My Geology

author's note:

If this poem seems overly pessimistic...

...just remember: optimists have shorter life spans.


I can feel the tension
swelling within our Earth

as the heavy crust slowly shifts
and massive bullhead force
scraps and butts against
massive bullhead force...

We've all witnessed the results
of such subterranean conflict:

in an instant
fault lines crack open
like bursts of lightning

then tall buildings shudder
and collapse--
their confidence dissolving
into dust and rubble

likewise mountains crumple and crumble
leaving only bottomless sinkholes

and oceans swallow coastline
with total lack of conscience

as innocent people scream and wail
through burning streets and fields.

Yes, I know quite well
the nature of plate tectonics

having erupted so many times myself--

I've studied and experimented
with various ways of easing
the tension between inner forces--

forces moving blindly
according to their own
willful reasons.

I'm still learning
how to slide the conflict

to disperse destructive energy...

and sometimes in the process
I create a public works project.

I know I can do little now
to ease the tensions mounting
within the world we've made

but someday...

after the energies released
have ripped through our cities
and countries...

maybe you and I can use
what we've gained
through our own painful

to help close the fissures

to help bind the wounds

to help build back

but stronger--wiser--


© 2015, Michael R. Patton
common courage: the book

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