Thursday, August 20, 2015

To Escape a Heartless Death

author’s note:

If I thought my poems only related to my own life, I wouldn't even bother.


To escape
the hurt of this world
I go to see you

but then I hurt again:

sometimes, even a single word
--said in innocence--
can raise a cry from a wound

and as the old pain surges up
we defend ourselves by attacking
the one standing next to us.

But still, I go to you
because you know my wounds
and so, can help soothe the pain.

When I see your wounds
I feel your wounds
and when I feel your wounds
I feel my own, once again:

to ignore my wounds
would be death

and to ignore yours
would be heartless:

I go to see you
to escape a heartless death.

Such a dusty history!--
and yet, when I come to you
the world becomes new
because the world outside

then reappears
but in its greater glory
when I must leave.

I come to see you
because the deeper truth
can only be told
without words.

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
my war for peace: the book

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