Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wild Child Home

author’s note:

Dedicated to all those hard-working souls brave enough to raise children...braver than I.


If you're looking for
a meaningful adventure...

we still have many
wide-eyed children
from the far-flung mountains
of Tierra del Fuego available
for adoption.

Yeah, they're a bit feral:
   they'll climb the curtains,
   forage behind walls
   and 'round midnight, you may find them
   up the backyard tree--
     their eyes gleaming
     in your flashlight beam!

But I assure you
they can be housebroken
without losing their cuddly charms
or awkward grace.

As good Americans
they can be taught to follow
our blind leaders--
they can be trained
to look the other way
as their corporations
steal from little old ladies:

yes, we can convince them
to ignore their best interests.

But no matter what we do
many will still want to plant
good crazy seeds:
they'll take on honorable roles--
such as teacher,
midnight scribe
or master shipbuilder.

Some will actually believe
in the necessity of peace:
they'll jump from their aeroplanes
to embrace innocents
we’ve disguised as enemies.

Some will nourish on garbage
then rise from the pits
to transfuse holy blood
back into dormant hearts.

Maybe a few wise ones
will find perfection in the dust
then show us the vision
we so desperately seek.

give those Fuegian children
a loop or two
of our long twisted rope
---hoist them up!---

otherwise they may end
by slinging their pearls
into the dark dismal field
of wounded hope.

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
finding beauty: the book

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