Wednesday, December 30, 2015


author’s note:

Best wishes for 2016.


Lao Tzu said
the Ancient Sages
were as evanescent
as icicles


according to my dictionary
that which is “evanescent” is like a vapor--
here and gone in just a short time:

for example...
in the cold night
my evanescent breath
twirls upwards in a wisp
to vanish like a ghost
--like a dream lost--

like the vapor from an icicle--

an icicle slowly dwindling in the Sun drop

a blessed sacrifice: a gift--
though the Sages have faded into the darkness
their water still lives in our well.

But are we not all icicles
large or small?--

as this life of mine melts
maybe I can make peace with the loss
by telling myself
what I believe to be
a good belief:

long after I'm gone
what I have given (whatever that is)
will still be a part of whatever we are...

I am as you are:
evanescent...yet continuous.

© 2015, Michael R. Patton
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