Monday, March 21, 2016


author's note:

You're important to me.


Apparently, death is often
more important

than what we could've done or been
if not for death...

more important
than the planned Spring wedding

more important than being
a mother to that child

more important than how
the broken woman could've grown
if not for her important death...

more important than
all the creative passion
left unexpressed.

But I don't mean to diminish
our life before death--

if this life wasn't damn important
why would I have taken the pain
to be born?--

don't bother to debate me
'cause I've already decided
it's better for me to believe
I'm living something
truly important:

how could we bear the pain
if we didn't believe
the things, ideas, and activities
of our life were quite important?

On the other hand...

when an important life
seems to end too soon
I say we should accept:
death is often more important
than what we have to give.

By holding that belief
I help myself
bear the pain of loss

and whenever I remind myself
of that belief, I realize:
death may not wait
for me to roll out
all my important plans

and then the moment
becomes monumental.

Yes, I believe I have
some very important plans...

yet if I should fall
down dead tomorrow
I think I'd rest in peace--
comforted by the belief
this life was quite important.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
Survival: the book

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