Saturday, April 02, 2016

What I Tell Myself about Happiness

author's note:

Happiness is...

...not worrying about happiness.


I tell myself:

don't squander your time
seeking the type of happiness
that comes and goes
depending on the season--

it can slip the tightest grip.

If that happiness happens
well okay
just don't try to clench it
in your fist.

Fortunately for us humans
there's another type
that depends on nothing:

its deep roots hold fast
even in loss and grief

even at midnight
that happiness will beam.

The ones who've discovered
its light down within
can transform words
into golden lamps
to help guide others
exploring the dark depths.

In contrast
those trying to hold
the slippery type of happiness
often boast and babble until
people see they're quite dim.

For too long, I believed
I'd find happiness waiting for me
just around the corner

but after turning
so many corners
I no longer seek--
I explore instead:
I explore outward
but also within

and allow myself to open to
whatever I discover.

In the process
through some unexpected alchemy
I brighten, slowly brighten.

So though I'm still
kind of dim
I believe I can in time
beam the deeper type
of happiness...

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
survival: the book

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