Sunday, May 08, 2016


author's note:

If asked to label the age we live in...

...I'd reply: it's the Age of the Jump.


What do you do
when an inner voice tells you
to jump

luckily, I knew enough to know
not to leap from the window:

the message was a metaphor.

I understood
yet rejected the instruction
even after all the repeats.

You see
I've made many such metaphorical jumps
and at times landed hard

but even when softly on both feet
usually not in bright triumph

unlike what the authors
of all those shiny books
seem to promise.

So I argued with the message

until I'd found enough courage
to do what I knew I had to do--

what my heart felt to be true

and since I wasn’t pushed
I won't complain if the landing
looks like another damn accident...
no, I'll trust the result--I will still believe

that where I am
is where I need to be:

I find strength in that belief--
enough strength
to lift myself back to my feet.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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