Monday, September 05, 2016

The Miracle Birth Makes Sense

author’s note:

This poem seems appropriate, on the day following the canonization of Mother Teresa.


I believe I was guided
to this dead black tree
by a god I hardly know
though it lives within me

but even if you don't believe
in either a god within
or without
I think we can still agree
on this part of the story:

for a good while
I'd walked and fought this desert
and felt proud
of the will to survive
I'd found inside

until the mocking sun
and the dull malicious dust
and the spiteful rock
finally broke me down
finally won
the obedience of my knees

and I lowered down
--back down--
to the truth of humility:

tired, I grieved
for my poor self
until I finally tired
of my grief...

only then
in desolate silence
did I discover how fertile
a barren land could be.

My fingertips told me:

if you'll let yourself
really feel the prickly pear
you will know
how each bite of each spike
gives life to our life--
all these sensations
inform the spirit:
in secret, we learn, we grow.

Even if you believe
we only live a life of biology
you can still experience
this experience:

after regaining my feeling
I sensed the stir of new life
down in my rich black earth--

a pod rattling
with myriad seeds--

a jovial thunder telling me:
though you're about to burst
you must move
in order for the birth
to finally be.

I must obey--uplifted
I stand again.

The saints told us:
miracles can occur in the desert...

but you need not believe
in miracles
to accept this birth:

think about it--
doesn't the process
make perfect sense?

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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