Monday, October 31, 2016

My Healthy Obsession

author's note:

Dedicated to all of you.


As a child I felt the need
to keep close watch

which required a safe distance

but this neurosis led
to a healthy obsession:

as I watched I sensed a mystery
and I asked myself: who are we?

In search of an answer
I have studied you well
but my primary subject
has been my own self--
after all, I do have full access

and in the process
of accessing
I've grown closer to myself--
close enough to see
the you inside me

and so, I've also
grown closer to you--
close enough to see
myself in yourself.

I love this research
I occasionally feel the need
to step back from the both of us

and when I do, I use
what I've learned
to view this human life
in broader perspective.

So perhaps if I keep growing closer
to the both of us
I can, in time
realize a grand dream:

to suddenly see
all the pieces I've gathered
join together
in one fantastic panorama
of understanding.

When that vision comes
I believe (I hope)
the distance between us
will be seen
as nothing.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
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