Sunday, October 16, 2016

What Kind of Gods?

author's note:

From a soon-to-be published book entitled Searching for My Best Beliefs.


As a child she believed
our gods lived in the clouds

until one Winter morning
when sunlight whitened
a frosty wisp of her breath
and suddenly she realized:

if I have clouds inside
then I must also have gods

Maybe the gods
had entered humans
long long ago
because they couldn't help them
from so high above

but if they really wanted to help
why didn't they steer her away
from mud and bees and mean dogs?

What kind of gods
would allow such pain?

Those deities must be devils!--
her fits and fights were simply
a matter of possession!

and the gods would keep on
tripping her up--
no way to escape:
they lived inside--
she'd suffer their torture
'til the day she died.

Burning frustration--
hot tears on her cheek--
cooling down into grief...

but in that quiet
she began to sense
a warm patient wisdom
deep within

and then realized her mistake:

though the gods wish
they could interfere
they can only watch with empathy
as we endure what we must:
the mud, the bees, the mean dogs

as well as our own selves.

In truth
the gods had entered humans
long long ago
because they couldn't comfort them
from so high above.

She maintained this belief
for the duration of her adventure
but to be honest
she usually ignored those deities

until the times of despair

then she would go into her darkness
and once again
find those loving gods within.

© 2016, Michael R. Patton
Listening to Silence: a book

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