Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Inside Out

author’s note:

I’m not writing about anyone I know.   But I am writing about what I know.

As Willie Dixon once said:
                                               "I look like a farmer
                                                  but I'm a lover.
                                                  You can't judge a book
                                                  by looking at the cover."


This is the most loving
I have ever met.

The grain can be seen in her eyes, in her hair:
            each combing motion says
             The kind of heart
             you dig down in
             the black earth.

During the day,
that heart can barely be seen
in the movements of her nimble,

Small fingers
doing the daylight work.

But at night, I can feel her breathing
from across the dark room.
A cave breezes on my cheek.

The creative dragon
turns inside out.


from black to white

so that
I may

© 2006, Michael R. Patton

shameless self-promotion

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