Friday, May 16, 2008

Satisfying Thirst

author’s note:

Another poem previously posted and recently tweaked.

“No more anger, no more hunger,
  I sit now in the shade of my own tree.”
            --  Sumangalamala (6 c B.C.E., trans. unknown)


I know why we feel thirsty--

with the well water so far down
the mountains seem to recede
and the stars remain
light years away.

The entire world
retreats from my reach.

I am so far removed from myself--
farther than the moon--

except at that odd
shadow hour--
by the innocence of accident--
I slip down beside myself
under the tree
by the creek
as sun
splashes on
the stones--

then I know
I’m always
right here--
no matter how thirsty
I seem,
no matter that
I can’t seem
to quench this thirst.

Yes--no matter
how much
the wells
and mountains
twirling stars
tantalize me--

I’m always--always--right here.

© 2008, Michael R. Patton
dreaming up some steps

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Evolution

author’s note:

Even if we disagree on whether or not we evolved in the past...

...we can still agree that we need to evolve in the present.


We are many animals
and this time I am
the rainbow trout--

prone to leap
into the air
where I'm told
I don’t belong

but when I see the sun spangling
on soft summer waters
a lightning impulse
propels me up
from my dark home--

to try to breathe what my lungs
can not yet process--
to taste a light so much richer
than the poor beams that filter
down from the surface.

When people see me
in that sudden moment
they exclaim: “Look--a rainbow!”

I’m so glad they’re glad:
I have little to offer now
but that glimpse of joy.

I believe these short leaps
prepare me for the big transition--

when I land on the bank
of a new evolution--maybe to die
in the sand, but even so, to be seen
as more than I have been--

I’m waiting for my hook
to pull me up, to serve me up--
I’m pulling for my hook

because only in full light can I have air
and sing the storm song that strums me,
surrender to an aspiration that rachets me,
and in so doing, obey an in-born desire
to be a happy sacrifice.

But until that time arrives
I’ll strengthen myself
on the worms and the flies

like any good housekeeper.

© 2008, Michael R. Patton
honest audio

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