Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dark Jar

author's note:

May your Halloween be dark and scary!


We need one volunteer
to stick a hand down
into this vast vase--
into this earthenware vessel

it's so densely dark within--
we can’t see past the edge
and so, we're burning to know
what might be at the bottom.

Though someone heard
the faint rattling of a snake
I believe it's the luscious lucky sound
of gold striking gold
echoing up from the depths--

a finer coin than any we've ever known:
those tones lift our hearts
with their soft breezy hands--!--

so please, reach down deep, for all our sakes--

if you don’t have arm enough, then dive in
and we'll send you our blessings

though what harm could possibly come--?--
after all, it's just a large jar
and anyway, someone must descend
because we’re so damn curious--

thus, we beg of you: go--go!--
that must be reason you came here.

Otherwise, why would we ask you?

How can you refuse
such a reasonable request--?--
especially since you now know
you might be the one chosen...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
these poems are open all night

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