Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fighting for My Life

author’s note:

In case you're wondering: the “noted astrophysicist” quoted in the poem below is Dr. Neil deGrausse Tyson...

To his credit, in the same speech, he stated: “We’re not only a part of the Universe, the Universe is also a part of us.”


A noted astrophysicist claims
The Universe tries to kill us

but I say he misinterprets
its cold monolithic hostility:
I say The Universe threatens
our survival so we can live
to the height of our ability--

if you need proof
consider my own trials
to keep this self alive:

when I built these walls
I thought I wanted security
but now I see
how I set up a great victory:
   if I could defeat
   my overpowering fear
   I'd spring myself from this jail.

Then once I'd constructed my fort
I thought I'd stave off starvation
by stocking that larder full of stuff

but after stuffing my stomach
I then discovered
other drives, other hungers.

Early on in my gestation
I embraced security
but as I developed
I came to wish for freedom
and security
in equal measure...

finally, I realized
I could no longer deny
my greater hunger
and so surrendered
my tightly-held security...

The natural facts of my life
would seem to tell the story
of our existence on this planet--

obviously, The Universe wants us
to become so desperate for release
we're willing to earn our freedom...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is deep..very thought provoking,and a brilliant write.Thank you.

7:42 PM  

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